Nallamudi Hills

This is a beautiful spot.Hilltop lookout point amid tea fields with mountain & waterfall views.Located about 13 k.m. away from the main town of Valparai, the Nallamudi-Poonjolai view point is a refreshing drive along the winding estate roads that run between rolling acres of verdant tea gardens spanning on either sides.A trudge along the estate path is also a good way to imbibe the essence of the surrounding – watch birds, observe pug marks, bear droppings, elephant dungs and other tell-tale signs that inform of the wildlife that lives around.The view around, is one of the most magnificent in Valparai.

During the monsoon months, the passing grey clouds cast shadows and mystery. The mountains recede into a blue haze and the forest patches in the valley below will be cloaked in veils of mist. At any given time, the stillness of the place, only broken by the chirping of the birds and the howling winds, offers a perfect setting for outdoorsmen to idly sit there and soak in quietude.