Sholayar Dam

Sholayar Dam is one of the attractive lesser known scenic tourist spots in Tamil Nadu. Near by Valparai. It is located above 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Annamalai mountain range. It is a small town located on the western ghats, 125 km away from Coimbatore. In Sholayar Dam, there are several tea and coffee estates, dams, water falls and Accommodations. Sholayar Dam totally gives us a wonderful natural scenery,

Tea Plantation

Valparai is a hill station close to Pollachi with vast areas of tea and coffee plantations amidst thick reserve forest nurturing a unique flora and fauna. Valparai is devoid of man-made tourist attractions. It has many deep forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Traveling towards Valparai through the spectacular winding forest road in-between the rich green tea gardens of Valparai, you will have a soul quenching experience from the magnificent presence of streams, dams, valleys, waterfalls, tall mountains and the mesmerizing grass lands. As you near Valparai you will be awe-inspired by the most secluded, most enchanting and the indescribable Valparai Grass Hills which adorn the crown of Valparai. This area is quite different from other tourist spots. Eco-tourism is given utmost precedence here. The picturesque grass hills are part of the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary. Wildlife and natural beauty makes Valparai popular among serious photographers. The climate here is consistent with the cool comforts associated with hill stations. The close-by Sholayar dam is one of the largest reservoirs in South India. Woodbriar Valparai tea estate is close to Parambikulam National Park.


Malakkappara is a small hill station surrounded by tea estates and beautiful hills in Thrissur District of Kerala. A drive through forest roads past Athirappally and Vazhachal with a chance of sighting wild animals will make your Malakkappara trip splendid.

Aliyar Dam

Aliyar Dam is a charming location surrounded by Annamali Hills with wonderful natural views. It is located between Pollachi and Valparai.At a distance of 64 Kms from Coimbatore, 24 Kms from Pollachi & 545 Kms from Chennai.

Built across Aliyar River between 1959 and 1969, the primary purpose of the dam is to support irrigation for Pollachi and near by places for Agriculture purpose. The height of the dam is 81 meters. There is a well maintained park built at bottom of the Dam. The view of the Anamalai range around the reservoir is a feast for the eyes and the view of the coconut groves from top of the dam is amazing. Boating is available here.

It is connected by frequent buses from Pollachi. Most of the people visiting Valparai make a trip Aliyar Dam too.

Anaimalai Hills

Located at a distance of 56kms from Pollachi, Anaimalai (Elephant Hills) is a wonderful hill station in Tamilnadu along the border of Kerala. Situated at a height of 265 meters altitude above the sea level, it is in the Coimbatore district. The lush green hills and the varied flora and fauna attracts hundreds of tourists to Anaimalai each year.

Annamalai derives its name (‘Anai’ meaning elephant and ‘Malai’ meaning hills) from the large number of wild elephants living in the area. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary all which are a part of the Annamalai Hills are well known for elephants.

The hills is a part of the Western Ghat ranges and if one goes further down, ‘Anamudi’ (8842 feet.) the highest peak in India can seen.

Balaji Temple

Balaji temple, Valparai located about 10kms from the town is managed by Peria Karamalai Tea Industries and the rituals are being performed by Tirupati Balaji temple. The temple is located in an isolated hill and vehicular access is restricted to the temple premises. We have to walk about half kilometers to the temple and a small childrens park can be seen adjacent to the temple where we can relax for some time. The temple as such is in a serene atmosphere and mobiles, cameras etc are strictly prohibited in the temple premises.

Chinnakallar Falls

Chinnakallar Falls is a waterfall located 26 kilometres east of the Valparai hill station. It receives the second greatest amount of rainfall in the country and for that reason is known as the Cherrapunji of South India. Surrounded by dense greenery on all sides, the ambience that Chinnakallar presents is one of peace. A hanging bridge has been constructed over the falls which makes the trip all the more adventurous. The falls have been known to sound like a roaring lion. Chinnakallar is always shrouded by cloud and mist, mostly because of the heavy rainfall it receives throughout the year. Travelling on the road to Chinnakallar is one of the most rewarding experiences one can get while in Valparai.

Nallamudi Hills

This is a beautiful spot.Hilltop lookout point amid tea fields with mountain & waterfall views.Located about 13 k.m. away from the main town of Valparai, the Nallamudi-Poonjolai view point is a refreshing drive along the winding estate roads that run between rolling acres of verdant tea gardens spanning on either sides.A trudge along the estate path is also a good way to imbibe the essence of the surrounding – watch birds, observe pug marks, bear droppings, elephant dungs and other tell-tale signs that inform of the wildlife that lives around.The view around, is one of the most magnificent in Valparai.

During the monsoon months, the passing grey clouds cast shadows and mystery. The mountains recede into a blue haze and the forest patches in the valley below will be cloaked in veils of mist. At any given time, the stillness of the place, only broken by the chirping of the birds and the howling winds, offers a perfect setting for outdoorsmen to idly sit there and soak in quietude.